The Quality Accreditation Programme is the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition and accreditation system for the serviced apartments, corporate housing and executive suites sectors of the hospitality industry.

For further information on the programme please see the questions and answers below.

What ISAAP recognition awards are available and who are they applicable to?

Compliance – Any provider of serviced accommodation

Quality Accreditation – Any provider of serviced accommodation

Quality Accreditation Platinum – Any Quality Accredited provider who is an ASAP member

Agent Accreditation – Any serviced accommodation agent

Building Quality Accreditation – Any Quality Accredited provider

Subject to terms of ASAP membership

Compliance: How does it work and what is the cost?

Compliance is an administrative process designed to provide assurance that the provider meets prescribed criteria in areas such as safety, security and duty of care, and also meets the acceptable minimum acceptable online customer review score.

The intention is for the process to be completed jointly by the ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant and the company representative by providing requested evidential documentation and declarations of fact for some criteria. It is not envisaged that a visit to the provider’s premises will be required, though cannot be completely ruled out. Depending upon the provider, this process can take from as little as a few days to complete.

Compliance fees start from £295+VAT per annum for ASAP members and are commensurate with the scope and complexity of the provider’s business.

Quality Accreditation: How does it work and what is the cost?

Quality Accreditation is designed to confirm that a serviced accommodation provider achieves the set minimum acceptable standards of quality and comfort in the product it provides to customers, from the beginning until the end of the guest experience.

The process will require a visit by an ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant to an agreed proportion of the provider’s inventory and locations, which will vary in accordance with the scope and complexity of the provider’s business. Visits can take anywhere between 1 and 5 days per year per country of operation by the provider.

The Quality Accreditation process is not a mystery shop, so the provider agrees the date and locations to be visited with ISAAP in advance of the QA visit date(s).

Online reviews are also considered as part of the assessment process, as the Consultant will need to be sure that guests are not being disappointed by their experience with the provider, and that an accurate expectation is being set by the company being assessed.

Where vacant unit availability is a problem at the time of visit, occupied units can be assessed, subject to the necessary permissions and the Consultant being accompanied by a member of the provider’s organisation

The ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant will require an overnight stay in one of the provider’s serviced accommodation units.

Quality Accreditation fees start from £425+VAT per annum for ASAP members.

Quality Accreditation Platinum: How does it work and what is the cost?

The Platinum award is the pinnacle of ISAAP awards and recognises exceptional standards of quality.  ASAP members seeking to achieve this award should be consistently achieving strong scores across all categories.

The process is the same as that of Quality Accreditation, with Platinum awards occuring as a natural output of the Quality Accreditation process. Unlike other awards, the provider may select properties from their portfolio that they consider to be of a Platinum standard.

It is likely that the ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant will require an overnight stay with the provider. If a provider has nominated several properties to be assessed for a Platinum award, the assessor may be accommodated in one of the units and request a viewing of others.

A provider may request a Platinum assessment at any time. Visits will be scheduled subject to the availability of a Quality Assessment Consultant.

Quality Accreditation Platinum fees start from £425+VAT per annum for ASAP members.

Agent Accreditation: How does it work and what is the cost?

Agent Accreditation is designed to recognise those companies providing agency services to the serviced accommodation sector of the hospitality industry who achieve the prescribed assessment criteria.

The process of accreditation will usually necessitate a visit to the agent’s office by an ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant, and a documentation process must be completed.

It is a crucial requirement of the accreditation process that agents actively promote, and where possible, offer preferred supplier status to ISAAP Compliance and Quality Accredited providers on their platform to differentiate from providers who have not successfully gained recognition awards.

Agent Accreditation fees start at £425 + VAT per annum for ASAP members.

Building Quality Accreditation: How does it work and what is the cost?

Building Quality Accreditation is designed to verify that a provider’s entire building in which it provides serviced accommodation meets the required standards of safety, security and quality.

It is envisaged that this will appeal to providers who need to provide additional assurance to specific buyers that the property meets all required standards to be accepted as a chosen or preferred location.

An ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant will need to stay for one night in the relevant building in order to carry out the accreditation process. The process will normally take one day per building to complete.

The provider is awarded a building-specific certificate in recognition of the achievement. From 1 September 2019 Building Quality Accreditation will need to be renewed annually.

Building Quality Accreditation fees are set at £425 + VAT per building.

Why should my company engage in any of these processes? Why is it important and what are the benefits?

Those companies who achieve ISAAP recognition awards immediately win the competitive edge by assuring clients that they can have confidence in their product. Clients increasingly insist that businesses can clearly demonstrate that they are compliant with Health and Safety requirements.  The ISAAP awards prove to the client that you understand this requirement and are committed to them, their safety and their comfort.

Compliance is compulsory for all ASAP provider members.  Accreditation is compulsory for all ASAP Agent members and all members must successfully complete the process for membership to be confirmed.

Those companies who then go on to achieve Quality Accreditation, and possibly Quality Accreditation Platinum, can only enhance their professional reputation.  By actively marketing the awards and discussing their benefits with buyers, companies should improve client retention and see increased opportunities to win new business.

Being able to display an industry recognised quality award indicates that the company is striving to achieve the best experience for its guests, and it enables the guest to “stay with confidence”.

Companies who engage in the quality accreditation programme enable the development of industry benchmarking, thus creating a visual network of Compliance and Quality Accreditation globally as depicted on the ASAP Directory.

* Engaging in the ISAAP Quality Accreditation Programme and Building Quality Accreditation Programme provides the    opportunity to benefit from the professional, objective and relevant feedback delivered by the Quality Assessment Consultant. This can be used as a tool for continuous improvement, so improving your product, your business opportunities and your guests’ experience.

The outputs from the accreditation programmes provide you with a fresh perspective on the guest experience and also with qualitative and quantitative data to use to help market your company and to ensure that your standards are maintained. You can select to participate in further Mystery Guest products to continually review and revisit.

The information can be used as a quality improvement tool for your company’s operations, identifying areas that need attention or verifying those that are already exemplary.

The data provided as a process output is critical in assisting you to objectively compare your company’s performance against competitors in your market, nationally and globally, thus providing the opportunity to make informed commercial investment decisions.


What are the results and outcomes?

The decision to award accreditation will be made upon conclusion of the process in which the company has engaged.

For Quality Accreditation and Building Accreditation, the day following the overnight assessment, the ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant will meet with the representative of the provider to offer real-time observations and feedback during the management meeting.

Within 7 days of visit completion, it is intended that the provider will receive a full quality assessment report for each accommodation unit assessed, or a full Building Accreditation report.

Reports contain descriptive feedback, numerical scores and graphs showing each accommodation unit versus market averages, which have been compiled by using aggregate data from previous assessment activity in the relevant market.

ISAAP will identify any non-compliance issues during the assessment process and will offer guidance and assistance to the provider so that the relevant recognition award logos can be awarded as soon as possible.

The appropriate recognition award logo(s) can be displayed on the provider or agent’s website and PR materials for 1 year, at which point renewal of the accreditation becomes due.

Who carries out the assessments and makes the final decision on pass or fail? What are the credentials of those assessors and decision makers?

The Compliance process and Accreditation visits are undertaken by independent ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultants, all of whom are members of the UK Institute of Hospitality.

Each Consultant has gained relevant senior operational management experience within the hospitality and customer service industry over a significant number of years. These responsibilities have included the delivery of audits, inspections and quality assessments for both UK Public (Government) and Private entities (including the National Tourist Board of England, VisitEngland and ASAP).

Consultants’ experience encompasses hotels, serviced apartments, self-catering properties, guest houses and the global travel industry. Involved in the above is the management of the moderation function (consistency and accuracy assurance).

How do the various recognition award programmes retain industry relevance and value?

The Compliance and Quality Assessment Criteria are reviewed and updated constantly, culminating in Bi-annual re-issues. This continuous review process ensures continued importance and relevance, inclusion of new industry legal requirements, and variations in international applications.

International working groups are consulted to ensure all markets are assessed to equal standards and to consistent contexts.

This review allows for continued integrity and credibility of the programme and ensures it continues to be delivered in the correct industry context, thus preserving the value of the ISAAP recognition awards, being recognised and valued globally.

Is my company information guaranteed to remain confidential?

In a word, yes, and in another word, absolutely!

No company’s data is shared by ISAAP or ASAP with any other provider or agent, whether they be ASAP members or not.



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For further information on the Quality Accreditation Programme watch this video with ASAP CEO James Foice