Our mission:

To be recognised as the primary association representing, promoting and improving the provision of serviced apartments.

Objectives of the ASAP

  • Represent 80% of the Serviced Apartment Industry
  • Establish a global standard
  • 80% of UK public to recognise the serviced apartment industry
  • ASAP to become the central educational resource for the sector
  • ASAP to offer and promote industry specific training
  • ASAP to endorse industry specific qualifications
  • ASAP to engage and promote the next generation of employees
  • ASAP to be accredited by a recognised industry standard
  • ASAP to have direct recognition from UK / European government and local authority bodies
  • Publish Industry:
    • Pay stats
    • Job descriptions
    • Employment details
    • Occupancy data
    • Sector size trends
    • Growth stats


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