Our mission:

To be recognised as the primary association representing, promoting and improving the provision of serviced apartments.

Objectives of the ASAP

The following have been detailed as objectives of the association within its strategic 5 year plan as established in 2018.


  • ¬†Membership Growth – to reach 500 Members and development of ASAP Chapters
  • ASAP to be the driving force for Global Alliance of Serviced Accommodation (GASA) and to have engaged the alliance with 5 other trade associations as a minimum.
  • Drive Consumer Awareness – B2B and B2C for Serviced Apartments to be a credible accommodation choice
  • Globally recognised terminology for the sector
  • Membership and onboarding requirements designed to nurture professionalism, credibility and industry growth
  • ¬†Industry Knowledge experts
  • Government Awareness and Recognition
  • Collective buying power opportunities
  • Delivering Business to members
  • Creation of Resource Library for ASAP Member information
  • Use of GRI equivalent for all members
  • Offer access to legislative & legal support via our Business Partners


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