FAQs for the ASAP Leadership programmes

Q:           What are the main benefits of the programme?

A:            One of the major benefits of the Course will be to learn with and from your fellow course members. As such, the dynamics of the group will hopefully pull from a cross section of personalities, positions and experience but as a general rule of thumb we anticipate that the courses will suit candidates from all sizes of businesses in the sector.

We also know that the content has been designed with the gaps seen across the sector and recognize that as an association we need to hone in and develop our current leaders and future leaders. The programme outline will go into more detail but the main ROI is both personal development and using the new learning back at the workplace to enhance business performance.

Q:           Who should go on what course?

A:            Tier 1 is for Senior Managers, Directors, Board members, Company Leaders and those identified with potential for senior Leadership roles.

Tier 2 is for rising stars, Managers or Senior Managers who haven’t been through this type of formal training and are seeking to build a rounded and solid leadership foundation prior to moving onto Tier 1.

We can provide guidance if you are unsure through our HR steering group.

Q:           Do you need to attend all the sessions to become accredited?

A:            You will need to attend at least 80% of the programme to obtain the quality mark for the leadership courses. We will have a presentation event for all of those that qualify.

Q:           Where can I find more information on the courses?

A:            Visit our website in the members area under ASAP Leadership Academy click HERE

Q:           What is the cost of the courses?

A:            Tier one is £1750+VAT for the 7 modules and Tier Two is £1250+VAT for the 9 modules.

Q:           What are the dates for the courses?

A:            Visit our website in the member’s area under ASAP Leadership Academy where the first dates will be launched. Additional dates will be confirmed on a basis of achieving 10 delegates per programme.