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Our six top tips:

Based on feedback from previous years, here are our six of the best tips to make sure your entry is the best it can be:

  1. Criteria: Please read carefully the criteria of the category you wish to enter. There is no entry fee for any of the awards.
  2. Email: All entries are sent by email to awards@theasap.org.uk Please use a separate email submission for each entry and category chosen.
  3. Clarity: Make it easy for the judges to understand why they should select you! That means a straightforward argument, cut out the extraneous hype. Essentially, make it uncomplicated and easier for the judges to extract the relevant information.
  4. Proof: The judges need to see proof of performance. That can include: financial, operational information or client testimonials if necessary. Facts will need to back up your claims. If relevant to your entry you may wish to provide a CV or any testimonials, press information etc. to support your nomination.
  5. Concise. No one wants to read over-complex statements. Keep your submission to the point and evidence-based. Remember you are limited to 1,000 words. See guidance in the information and entry pack HERE
  6. Timely: Don’t leave your submission to the last minute! Make sure you leave plenty of time to create the best submission and ensure that you are not at the bottom of the pile!

For FAQ please see HERE