Win a stay in Washington DC or Oslo via the ISAAP Quality Assessment competition at ASAP Convention on Dec 1st
For a chance to win complimentary accommodation in Washington DC or Oslo, courtesy of two of our accredited members, Suite America and Frogner House, participate in the QA Competition at the ASAP Convention on 1st December.
Visit the ISAAP stand (no. 28) after the opening session to receive your QA form and briefing.
Then walk  through the exhibitors’ hall conducting quality assessments on the identified items.
You will need to consider your assessment of quality for each item from the perspective of the guest. You will allocate scores accordingly and, when complete, you will return your assessment form to the ISAAP stand.

All entries will be judged in accordance with a previously completed assessment of the same items by one of the ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultants. The judges’ decision is final!!

The 2 entries deemed to be the closest to the benchmark assessment will be acclaimed as the winners of the competition, the actual closest entry having the option as to which prize to select.