Contact: Bernadette Goudy


Ensuring your organisation remains compliant in an ever changing landscape can be a challenge but we are here to help.

We understand the complexities as we are working every day in the world of data privacy, GDPR, web site privacy policies and so much more.

Offering an external support service that will help you keep on track with how to manage and process the data you are handling on behalf of your organisation is what we do best. You may need on going support or just a one off consultancy project – that’s what we are here for – to guide and support you.

Rest assured we don’t talk in complex terms or make it more confusing for you – we try to keep it simple and don’t over complicate things with confusing legal jargon or complicated procedures.

Our service is a value for money investment – every organisation needs to ensure they keep up to date on compliance issues around say, data privacy and data handling.

We can help you if you are based in any country – in the UK, EU and other countries outside the EU.

Here’s just a few ideas as to where we can help – but do get in touch as the below are just suggestions.

How to manage store and protect customer’s data
What does your web site Privacy Policy need to include?
Data Retention Policy – do you need one and if so what will it look like? What data can you retain and for how long?
How should certain categories of Personal Data be managed and processed?
Data sharing agreements needed – eg if you share data with CRM providers, marketing email platforms, HR services, etc
What do you need in place if you retain credit card or payment details