Business Partner code of conduct

ASAP is a not-for-profit trade organisation which has been representing the serviced apartment industry for eighteen years. ASAP pioneered the first industry specific quality accreditation programme and continues to raise awareness of, and standards within, the serviced accommodation industry, globally.

The ASAP Business Partners provide an extremely valuable service to ASAP members through discounts, advice and alternative solutions to help those companies operating within the Serviced Apartment sector.

Business Partners:


  • Must read, and agree to abide by the ASAP Code of Conduct.
  • Accept the ASAP Terms and Conditions of the ASAP Business Partnership
  • Accept that on the submission of an application to become business partners that ASAP will carry out due diligence checks which may include (but not limited to) credit, company and director checks
  • Accept the payment terms of all ASAP issued invoices and ensure all payments are made accordingly. Failure to do so will lead to the application of statutory late payment interest or suspension or removal from the ASAP partnership programme
  • Can promote themselves as ASAP Business Partners only
  • Will not claim to be members or accredited companies of the ASAP
  • Will not mispresent the partnership or ASAP in any way
  • Will indemnify and hold harmless the ASAP against any claims arising from their activities.
  • Will in the event of bankruptcy, insolvency or making an arrangement with creditors, will advise ASAP immediately.
  • In the event ASAP receives a complaint or notification of a breach the code of conduct, business partner companies will acknowledge receipt of any complaint forwarded by ASAP within 72 hours. A solution agreeable to partner and complainant should be reached within 7 days of the initial notification from ASAP.
  • Accept that ASAP reserves the right to suspend the partnership at any point should ASAP’s reputation be at risk. The partner company will remove all reference to ASAP during this period.
  • Accept that ASAP reserves the right to terminate the partnership with immediate effect if any breach of the code of conduct is identified with no refund of fees.
  • Should have easily understood terms and conditions and ensure that they are readily available to clients
  • Will ensure that, where business is carried out with or to any EU country, they meet the requirements of GDPR including the clear provision of a GDPR compliant privacy notice.
  • Will promote the ASAP, its objectives and membership