Dear Business Partner,

Please detail your contact information below and submit your PDF document for inclusion in the Business Partner pre-convention mailing that will be distibuted to all ASAP Members prior to the convention and will also be provided to all new members during the coming membership year.

Information provided will be created into an online flipbook as well as a PDF document.

The PDF should follow the layout as per the template HERE

  • Logo to top left
  • Headline in words (maximum 15-20) or indeed if you’d like to create a graphic banner to fit into this space this is acceptable too
  • Content – this can include image/text
  • Contact information – please provide the contact information for anyone to make contact with you.

The following includes important information with regards to the content and how your document must be submitted

  • File size – Files must NOT exceed 3.5mb per document
  • File Format – Files must be saved and uploaded in the following format pdf/x-1a:2001
  • Images – Please ensure that any images used are in a high definition format
  • Proofing – Each partner is responsible for proofreading their PDF
  • Content – All content must fit into the boxes as detailed and shown on the document, the margines around the side must be to the minimum of 1.5cms
  • ASAP reserve the right to ask any partner to make amendments to the content if it is not suitable for the mailing content.  If any changes are required we will contact you via email.
  • CONTENT MUST BE SUBMITTED BY Friday November 4th at 5.00pm. Any content received after this time will not be included in the document

Please note the following:

  • Target content – We encourage you to make the content specific to the targeted audience of Serviced Apartment Operators and Agents and if you are able to detail a specific discounted offer for ASAP Members then this is an ideal opportunity to promote that through this membership year.
  • Not providing content – If any partner chooses not to submit content for this document or if it is not received prior to the cut off time/date, we will include a simple company logo and contact information after the PDF pages for each individual partner.
  • Inclusion  Content will only be included if the ASAP Business Partner Renewals invoice which was issued in August for settlement on 1st September has been paid.  If any payments remain outstanding at the time of this document being created unfortunately we cannot include your content.
Please select a valid form.