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Contact: Kevin Byrne and Rob Brown
Tel: 0800 193 1316
Twitter: @KerbParking

Kerb changes the conventional view about where people can park their cars, motorbikes, boats and even helicopters! Kerb’s technology unlocks empty spaces across the world’s busiest cities, helping individuals, businesses and governments save time and money. Think about the place you live. Every time you get into your car or onto your motorbike to go to work, you are freeing up a parking space which could potentially be used by someone else.

Kerb Bays is a commercial car park management solution which allows property owners and managers lease some or all of their parking spaces to the general public or to a closed network of people. Kerb Bays uses smart technology to manage in real time the allocation of parking spaces in a car park, and the collection and payment of parking fees.

We can help serviced apartment providers in two ways-managing your own car parking more efficiently, with cashless systems, better customer experience, integration with access systems and extra income from unused spaces; for those without onsite parking we can source local and better value parking for your guests.

Kerb is helping citizens in many countries to save on their weekly expenses by making parking more affordable. To find out why so many people are talking about Kerb, download the app today or visit It only takes a few clicks to rent a parking space or list a car park.

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