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Profitroom help accommodation providers increase their level of direct bookings and regain control of their businesses, reducing the reliance on 3rd party online travel agents.

As a serviced apartment provider, you’ll be wanting to do everything you can to maximise your revenues, and, by doing so, increase your profits.

There are many things you can do to achieve this, and at Profitroom, we help you by providing technology that’s carefully designed to increase revenue through logical solutions, driven by data-led insight.

By maximising revenue, profits will, ultimately, increase – and that’s our overriding aim. To do this, we employ a number of tools.

Whether it’s through a streamlined booking engine, a comprehensive channel manager, a CRM system or reinventing a website — we seek to consistently represent the very latest developments in hospitality bookings. Our products are very effective in isolation, or as part of a full suite, which sees them work together to produce the most potent results.

Our booking engine, for example, specifically allows for instant multiple property searches for any given area and if an apartment isn’t available it automatically recommends alternative dates or properties — with the added guarantee of safe, GDPR compliant data management. We can also create specific discount codes and customisable landing pages, which serviced apartment providers can use for agency bookings – while personalised offer functionality can also be applied to offline quotes.

By effectively marketing your business online, we help push your content out to a much larger audience to increase website traffic and, ultimately, conversion rate. This is particularly effective due to the traditionally online nature of apartment bookings, so it’s essential to make the booking process as simple as possible — with the overall focus being on user experience.

In a highly competitive market our ever evolving technology helps ensure our services continue to meet the primary needs of serviced apartment providers. To see how we can help you, please get in touch via email at:

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