The Fine Bedding Company
Cobra Court
10 Blackmore Road
Trafford Park
M32 0QY

Contact: Sara Nolan
Tel: 07780 443224

A great night’s sleep for every customer – we’re in the same business.

We are leading manufacturers in the bedding industry, and have been in business for over 100 years. We operate at an international level. We lead the way, innovating because we love what we do. Good sleep is our passion.

We manufacture and supply our own exclusive product ranges, designing and innovating with hoteliers’ needs in mind, delivering comfort, high quality and environmental credentials hotel guests will love, as well as accountability, customer service and lower housekeeping costs.

All of our synthetic products are produces in our purpose-built, state of the art Eco Factory in Estonia, with impressive sustainability credentials. While all our natural filling is ethically sourced to comply with our Down Commitment pledge. As you can see, we are proud of our products and the way we do business. We keep our promises and we don’t compromise our standards. Our customers have faith in our integrity.