COVID-19 Update: Resources for Members, and what ASAP is doing in this crisis

COVID-19 is a serious threat to hospitality worldwide; we are all too aware of this.

The serviced apartment and aparthotel industry itself is global, and we represent Members operating all around the world. So we intend to provide a resource for as many regions as we can. But being UK-based, we appreciate that much of our own information is being relayed in our own time zone and may have a lag in getting to others; on top of which, some countries’ sensitive advice is restricted by geographical location, and other information is getting lost in the sheer volume of data.

Please bear with us on this, and let us know of other resources local to yourselves that could be shared with your fellow Members.

All countries worldwide are tackling the crisis at different stages, and in different ways. We hope that by sharing these links as best we can that Members can learn from one another and share with others best practice from their own experience.

With our access to the keyword-led ASAP Newshub, with its constant newsfeed and active editorial team, we can constantly update Members with such things as:

  • latest news from and affecting the industry
  • Government advice applicable to the sector
  • Business, Finance and HR resources
  • information about what we’re doing on your behalf – and you can do on ours – to ensure we all come through this.

Most importantly, we wish all our Members and their families every good wish during these trying times. Stay safe, wherever in the world you are!


COVID-19 on the ASAP Newshub:

We will continue to share blogs, stories, links and posts from around the world that may be of interest to Members and subscribers via the hub. These will continue to be gathered in a weekly Bulletin, so please share with others the chance to subscribe and receive the newsletter which serves as a regularly-updated source of information.

Thank you for your continued support of ASAP. While nobody can predict what the world will look like after this crisis passes, we will get through this. In the meantime, please, stay healthy and safe.


The Association continues to support all member businesses in the industry. Below are some of the resources we have tapped into or created and actions we have taken on your behalf.

Global resources

Through our involvement with the Global Alliance of Serviced Accommodation (The Alliance), we have already run one webinar discussing the industry’s response to the virus, with viewers learning from other industry professionals. Register to view this online, and watch for future webinars.

We have advised best practice for a communications strategy to help your company keep your current and future guests informed.

We are continuing to update and promote the Serviced Apartment Operator and Agent Directory, so as the crisis eases and restrictions are lifted, travel buyers and consumers have an instant resource for finding our Accredited Members quickly and easily, knowing they can Stay with Confidence.

UK Members

ASAP has corresponded on behalf of the serviced apartment industry and ASAP Members to Ministers directly involved with the business and financial support during the Coronavirus outbreak. Latest UK Government advice can be found here.

We have clarified on the sector’s behalf the Government’s Job Retention Scheme, and how it affects us – latest news here.

Latest travel advice: the updated UK Government Travel advice can be found here.

ASAP has been working directly with the UK NHS to offer support for frontline keyworkers looking to stay close to hospitals and government departments.

We have been actively collecting information on Members willing and able to provide to healthcare workers and displaced people, matching available stock with those looking for accommodation.

We have been working with advocates and influencers to find solutions for healthcare workers struggling for housing close to hospitals.


US Members

Probably the simplest way to find out how our US Members may be affected by the crisis is to access the dedicated website from our friends and partners at the CHPA, which has resources and information relevant right across the sector, State-by-State, and includes communications from some of their members about their own responses to dealing with the virus.

Latest general US Government Coronavirus website can be useful for the latest updates; its advice service for small businesses including Paycheck Protection Program offers its latest news here, and the latest updated US Government Travel advice can be found here.

The CHPA have also written an Open Letter to Congress which they encourage members to download and send to Senators and representatives.

EU Members

As a body comprised of numerous countries, many without physical borders, the EU faces extremely complex challenges around the movement of goods and people. The European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the outbreak of COVID-19, to reinforce its public health sectors and mitigate the socio-economic impact across the European Union. This is to help all Member States coordinate their national responses, and the Commission is providing objective information about the spread of the virus and effective efforts to contain it.

EU funding is available for all types of companies, including our own Members across Europe should they need help. These include a wide range of financing, including business loans, microfinance, guarantees and venture capital. The Commission can help find financial institutions that provide financial support.

To contain the spreading of the virus, on 16 March, the European Commission recommended to Member States to apply a temporary 30 days coordinated restriction of non-essential travel from third-countries into the EU.

Following the endorsement by EU leaders, all EU Member States (except Ireland) and all Schengen Associated Countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) are now applying this travel restriction.

On 30 March, the Commission provided guidance on how to implement the temporary travel restrictions, on repatriations from across the world, and on dealing with overstays caused by travel restrictions.

EU Member States and Schengen Associated Countries are allowed to refuse entry at the external borders to ‘non-resident third-country nationals’ where they present symptoms or have been exposed to risk of infection, and are considered to be a threat to public health. Member States must allow their own citizens and EU citizens or third-country nationals legally residing on their territory to enter.

There is guidance from the EC about the movement of essential and key workers; this complements separate guidance around the free movement of non-essential workers.


Advice for separate countries and regions across APAC fall under each jurisdiction.


Updates from Government and advice for businesses can be found here, and specific advice for hotels and hotel employees can be accessed on this updated page.

Currently, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, campsites, caravan parks and boarding houses will be a decision for each state and territory.

There is general Government advice on employment, a $1.1 billion fund to expand mental health and telehealth services, tackle domestic violence and provide more emergency food relief, and an online form to complete to help Government track the spread of the disease.

Philippines :

Updates from Government and advice for businesses can be found here, and specific advice for hotels and hotel employees can be accessed on this updated page.