During the challenging times that the Serviced Accommodation sector has faced due to COVID, the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers continues to deliver a member support and engagement initiative via industry support webinars and Industry Leader Live sessions.

We are pleased to provide the recordings from these sessions:


ASAP CEO James Foice is joined by Gemma McGrattan, Managing Director of McCann Synergy will explain how companies are adapting to the evolving situation with a renewed focus on culture, purpose, values, wellbeing and manager engagement and how to define and plan for your organisation’s ‘new normal’ and create long-term advocacy.

Now, more than ever the mirror’s being held up to the promises organisations have made as an employer, and the social contracts made with employees. As companies scramble to juggle reassuring shareholders and employee safety, there is a need to balance humanity, togetherness with thinking ahead to the future. It’s an opportunity to mark this ‘moment in time’ with the right people communications and use this opportunity to integrate all colleagues back into the business, back into the culture and back to each other.

Recorded: May 28th 2020




ASAP CEO James Foice is joined by Founder of Homelike Dustin Figge, Cherry Wang and Cecilia Oliveira from Homelike and Kasia Beker-Golab Travel Manager at Mobica Ltd as they discuss what will corporates be seeking from serviced accommodation post COVID.

The session discusses the medium to long term effects of COVID on the serviced apartment sector, the feedback from corporates so far and what the ‘new normal’ will look like in the business travel and corporate bookings in serviced accommodation.

Recorded: May 21st 2020






Join Jo Redman with an energy boost for you! Tips and ideas for managing your wellbeing in these working from home days.

No fluffy stuff here, just practical and easy to do suggestions for lifting your energy and boosting your wellbeing during lockdown.

Recorded:  Thursday May 14th 2020






Join Danica Smith from ASAP Business Partner ReviewPro as she discusses the current landscape of online reputation during the times of the pandemic, how to maximise this quiet time and how to prepare post-crisis and what the new guest will look like.

Recorded: Thursday May 7th 2020







ASAP is delighted to welcome previous ASAP Convention Keynote Speakers Geoff Ramm and Nigel Risner, who will share their top tips, stories and ideas and Q&A of engaging clients and the team during the challenging COVID times.


Recorded: 24th April 2020









ASAP CEO James Foice is joined by Rebecca Hollants van Loocke, COO EMEA, Frasers Hospitality in the next of the ASAP Industry Leaders Live.

The session discusses the benefits of serviced apartments in a newly socially distanced world and the specific measures that Frasers have taken across the portfolio. Rebecca shares her thoughts on the rise of the staycation and “close to home” travel and also the importance of the ISAAP Accreditation Programme. As the first company to have secured ISAAP accreditation across the whole of their EMEA region, Rebecca highlights why the accreditation is key to securing buyer confidence knowing that companies have been independently assessed and certified.

“There are many USPs of serviced apartments during this time what has been really prevalent is just the ability to have extra living space, your own facilities and someone you can self distance and create your own bubble with the opportunity for enhanced sanitisation and your own space to maintain your own standards with no need for the contact from housekeeping staff that you’d find in hotels”

ASAP CEO James Foice interviews Jason Delany, Director of Brand, Product and Marketing, Staycity Aparthotels.

The session discusses the COVID 19 Tsunami and is the worst to come. Thoughts for recovery and what Staycity is planning to do to aid recovery post COVID and what the impact has been in the different locations across the portfolio. As we learn the future holds for Staycity in new developments and openings, Jason also highlights the importance of accreditation particularly in the post COVID world and what we can do to meet customers’ expectations to continue to delight them and remain competitive.

” In this time of COVID never has our product been more relevant in terms of practising social distancing, cleanliness standards and that has to be validated. That’s what the ISAAP Accreditation gives us, the duty of care, the due diligence behind it….”

Recorded: 8th July 2020



Understanding the impact of recent VAT changes and what it means to the UK Serviced Apartment Industry.

Join CEO James Foice interviewing Laura Chipp of VATNAV Ltd to understand the impact of recent VAT changes and what it means to the Serviced Apartment industry in the UK. The session includes

* What the VAT changes will apply to in relation to tourist accommodation, food & hire spaces
* Services sold within TOMS
* The effect the reduced VAT rate will have to the long stay rate
* Changes to the Flat Rate percentages
* Understanding the “tax point” to ensure rate reduction is applied effectively.
* Whether or not the supplier or customer benefits from the cut & the relating legal and contractual terms.

Recorded July 14th 2020



Join ASAP CEO James Foice as he interviews Bianca Vandersee, Senior Consultant at Apartmentservice Germany and Philip Laukart, Managing Director, WeWash GmbH.

The session will discuss Germany & the UK: the current & future (post-COVID) trends in co-living & serviced apartment sectors and consider the growth of the shared laundry room. It also considers the consequences of these market trends on services including the shared laundry room and UK Market trends compared to Germany and impact on services.

Recorded 1st July 2020







ASAP CEO James Foice interviews Andrew Scott Vice President Account Management at Dwellworks. The session discovers what is happening at Dwellworks in this COVID-19 era, the nature of their partnership with Oakwood. It discusses the nearer and longer-term in need and use of housing and in the mobility and travel industry in general and the importance of ISAAP’s leading global Accreditation standard in the driver of due diligence and duty of care and its importance in kick-starting business travel over the coming months? “Dwellworks have always been a strong believer in accreditation as it gives the buyer some additional comfort, more due diligence has been done, there’s more duty of care . . .that does provide a stamp of approval of the checks that have been done”


Recorded: June 30th 2020






ASAP CEO James Foice interviews Phil Stapleton Managing Director of SITU as part of the Industry Leaders Live initiative.

The session will discuss what the current operator landscape is looking like in the UK, whether serviced apartments will see the surge in popularity that is being suggested.The session will also consider how we get the attention of the buyer and how we reassure them that those you work with are credible and safe along with the biggest barriers for the industry and what SITU are most excited about for the future and the plans for the next 12 months.

“As an industry we have got one voice, talking about the assurances we can give, that the product is great and it looks and is exactly what you need as a travel buyer . . .the barrier immediately in front of us needs addressing and it’s coming together, to stand together and to get the message out”

Recorded: June 26th 2020




Join ASAP CEO James Foice as he interviews Trine from House of Fisher. The session discusses House of Fisher, how they’ve been operating during the lockdown supporting keyworkers and residents, what they are doing to address the new normal and what the future holds for the sector and the company. It also discusses the importance of a trade association like ASAP and how the accreditation and Stay with Confidence Promise will help going forward in the future.

“The ISAAP Accreditation programme continues to be the big seller – it will be what the corporates want. Corporates are going to want to know that we have been audited, vetted by an independent body and have that seal of approval going forward . . .having the new COVID cleaning standard in the programme is a real beneficial point for anyone wanting to know what we are doing to keep our staff and guests safe and the corporates are going to want that”

Recorded: June 16th 2020





Join ASAP CEO James Foice as he interviews Marcia Gomez Managing Director of Cotels. During the session, Marcia highlights what the key challenges have been like for the sector within Milton Keynes, the competition and how post-COVID recovery may change this. Marcia talks of her involvement within the ASAP Keyworker and emergency accommodation initiative and what she has learned from it as well as talking about the recovery of business travel to Milton Keynes and the sector along with the importance of ISAAP accreditation for differentiating in the sector.

“The accreditation is going to be really really important, particularly the part on safety and cleanliness and will be key going forward getting the message across so that buyers will choose an ASAP Accredited member over someone who isn’t.” Marcia Gomez

Recorded:12th June 2020





Join ASAP Ceo James Foice as he interviews Frederic Carre, Regional General Manager for UK, Germany, Spain and Georgia with The Ascott Limited as they discuss The Ascott Limited, the importance of ASAP in representing the industry and positioning the serviced apartment product in front of the buyer, the importance of training to develop outstanding individuals and how the pandemic is influencing the future plans for Ascott in relation to community living and alternative models.

“Being an active member of ASAP can provide you with a fantastic insight into the wider sector and also offer an advantage over peers who are not part of the Association” Frederic Carre

Recorded: 3rd June 2020





Join ASAP CEO James Foice as he interviews Stuart Lawson, Global Alliance Manager from Crown Worldwide Group as the session discusses the key importance of cleaning standards and minimum requirements in corporate travel, the importance of the ISAAP Accreditation and ASAP Stay with Confidence Promise and how this will play a part in how Crown will select accommodation post COVID.

“Crown are looking to build client confidence whilst promoting a strong safety message ….we will definitely be using the standards promoted by ASAP and others as a more stringent selection criteria”

Recorded: May 29th 2020






ASAP CEO James Foice interviews Doug Greenwood, Chairman of ASAP and Director of Sales and Marketing from ASAP Member Cheval Collection.

The session highlights the recent announcements of the expansion of the Cheval Collection portfolio into Edinburgh, the importance of the global conversation being led by ASAP and the Global Alliance of Serviced Accommodation and how ISAAP’s global accreditation programme is key to organisations and the global conversation in promoting the serviced apartment sector in securing the corporate and leisure buyer’s support.

“We’re at a really momentous time now to draw and promote the serviced apartment sector into one that has been truly recognised by the corporate and leisure markets as a serious offering”

Recorded: 26th May 2020





Join ASAP CEO James Foice as he interviews Jennifer Breen President at ASAP Accredited member Suite Home. The session discusses priorities during the COVID situation, the importance of ISAAP Accreditation and what it means to Suite Home along with the priorities for the future as we exit the pandemic.

“Every time I get a little down on the temporary housing industry or serviced apartments, I think to hotels & how grateful we are that we were ready to go for a work from home or sheltering place situation & were able to help guests through this difficult time” Jennifer Breen.

Recorded: 22nd May 2020






Join ASAP CEO James Foice interviews Robin Rossman, Managing Director from ASAP Business Partner STR to discuss the results of the pandemic in the UK & Europe and how the serviced apartment data compares to that of hotels along with future trends and how different markets and the world are bouncing back and what the future of the serviced apartment sector looks like in a post pandemic world.

“There will be no winners, but there will be some that lose less and Serviced Apartments are in that category”

Recorded: May 18th 2020







Join ASAP CEO James Foice interview Max Thorne, Chief Executive of ASAP Business Partner the MRP Group, discussing the current challenges and opportunities for the serviced apartment sector.

Recorded May 12 2020