We want our industry to feature in every decision around travel, anywhere in the world.

In any fast-growing sector there is a need to set industry targets and agree standards.

We want anyone booking business travel, leisure trips or household relocations to think first of serviced apartments, because they know they can find a certain level of accommodation, of customer service, of comfort, of privacy, of value for money; and to be confident in that choice in terms of safety and standards.

We aim to define the term ‘serviced apartment’, to embed it in the traveller’s psyche, and to promote a standard of accommodation they can expect to find every time.

To that end, the ASAP as a not for profit trade body, offers membership and different levels of accreditation to owners, operators and agents of serviced apartments to ensure the customer’s confidence is well-founded.

With 147 members collectively operating over 100,000 apartments in 9 countries, and offering 3 million bed nights per year, our health and safety benchmarks and quality standards result in an accreditation which celebrates individuality and choice, but forms a common platform of compliance and due diligence standards.

We aim to influence and generate collaboration among members around developing the sector, and to share best practice. We aim to promote debate at a high level through events, member discussion groups and forums, to help develop the professionalism and credibility of our industry as it matures.

And we want to play a leading part in influencing appropriate government legislation as well as embracing the challenges and opportunities the shared economy brings to the world of hospitality.

There are various ways to be a part of the Association via memberships, partnerships and sponsorships and if you wish to discuss joining us in any capacity please contact us.
Video: What is the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers?