ASAP is a not-for-profit trade organisation which represents the serviced apartment industry.  ASAP pioneered the first quality accreditation programme and continues to raise awareness of, and standards within, the serviced accommodation industry.

Members must read, and agree to abide by, the Code of Conduct. Any member reported to be in breach of this code will be investigated.

If the ASAP Advisory Board concludes that there has been a serious breach, membership may be revoked.

Members: –

  • Must have appropriate insurance cover for Public and Employers Liability
  • Will not seek business or conduct business by improper or illegal means
  • Will always represent their properties accurately and make it clear that they are responsible for the properties they own/manage
  • Will not misrepresent ASAP
  • Will have easily understood terms and conditions, ensure that they are readily available and are supplied to all customers
  • Will ensure that, where business is carried out with or to any EU country, they meet the requirements of GDPR including the clear provision of a GDPR compliant privacy notice
  • Providers must offer an accommodation cleaning service at least once a week and include this cost in the advertised price of the property
  • Will indemnify and hold harmless the ASAP against any claims arising from their activities
  • Will, in the event of a member becoming bankrupt, insolvent or making an arrangement with their creditors, advise ASAP immediately
  • Make ASAP contact details readily available to all clients so that they may make comment on their experience with the provider
  • Will acknowledge receipt of any complaint received by ASAP within 72 hours.  A solution agreeable to both the provider and the complainant should be reached within 7 days of the initial notification from ASAP
  • Must pay invoices issued by both ASAP and ISAAP within the payment terms of the invoices.  Failure to do so may cause membership or accreditation to be revoked
  • Must renew Membership annually
  • Will promote ASAP membership benefits
  • Will promote ISAAP recognition awards process and their benefits (if ISAAP accreditation held)
  • Will offer preferential supplier status to their fellow ASAP members
  • Will accept the ASAP Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Will accept, where ASAP and ISAAP (if ISAAP accreditation held) branding is displayed and used to only do so in accordance to the brand guidelines and terms of use
  • Accept that ASAP may suspend or terminate membership in accordance with the constitution, code of conduct or association Ts and Cs on agreement by the ASAP Advisory Board