The purpose of the ASAP is to promote the role of the UK corporate housing and serviced apartment industry through increased awareness whilst maintaining the highest standards.

In order to be a member of the ASAP it is necessary for the officers of the company to sign up to the ASAP’s Code of Conduct refer HERE

In addition to the Code of Conduct ASAP members must meet the following criteria


  • ASAP require all operator members to be operating a minimum of 6 apartments
  • To have operated as a serviced apartment operator for a minimum of 3 months
  • To have agreed to the members’ Code of Conduct
  • To provide other information which may assist the membership committee when considering your application
  • To provide information and evidence if required that you have all the requisite insurances necessary for your business activity including public liability
  • To be available for an inspection of your apartments if required
  • ASAP requires all members to be accredited through the Quality Accreditation Process via ISAAP and new members will be expected to go through quality assessment within 90 days of acceptance of their membership application.
  • If an operator member also operates as an agent, a dual accreditation and dual membership will be required to cover both entities for membership.


  • To have operated as a serviced apartment operator or agent for a minimum of 3 months
  • Have businesses that are substantially involved in the booking of serviced apartments – for all agent members this will mean the majority of their business turnover.
  • Represent operators’ properties accurately and in full agreement with operators.
  • The agent will not offer out rates that are lower than those offered and quoted to them by the operator (not to reduce rates by allowing part of their commission in the form of a discount).
  • The agent will act as a disclosed agent for TOMS purposes and not act as an undisclosed agent.
  • Agents will abide by the rules and Code of Conduct of the ASAP.
  • An agent will not operate any apartments – in the event that they start doing so their membership status may be required to change and the Steering Committee will determine the category and level of membership.  As such if an agent member operates as an operator then a “dual accreditation and membership” will be required to cover both entities for membership. Dual membership must be held if both entities are to be Quality Accredited under the ASAP Quality Accreditation Programme.
  • Abide by any decision made by the ASAP Board (Steering Committee) as a result of any dispute which has subsequently escalated to the Board to arbitrate on.

For those operators or agents who do not meet the criteria please do contact us to discuss your situation.