The purpose of the ASAP is to promote the role of the UK corporate housing and serviced apartment industry through increased awareness whilst maintaining the highest standards.

In order to be a member of the ASAP, it is necessary for the officers of the company to sign up to the ASAP’s Code of Conduct refer HERE and accept the Ts and Cs refer HERE

In addition to the Code of Conduct ASAP members must meet the following criteria


  • Should be operating at least 2 serviced accommodation units
  • Must confirm that they have read and are committed to operate within the Code of Conduct
  • Must have appropriate insurance cover for Public and Employers Liability
  • Should make their accommodation units available to ASAP for inspection on request
  • Who are serviced accommodation providers and booking agents must have provider membership in force before joining the Buyers Group
  • Who operate in more than one country must clarify in which countries they require membership
  • Must confirm that they operate their businesses legitimately and, where applicable, within the terms of the property lease
  • Must confirm where business is conducted within the European Union, all GDPR responsibilities are met
  • Must agree to abide by decisions made by the ASAP Advisory Board

For those operators  who do not meet the criteria please do contact Sarah Tasker to discuss your situation.