Membership Bandings & Fees

The fees for ASAP memberships for operators, agents and business partners per year are detailed below.


Number of Apartments / Membership BandingMembership fees from 1st September 2016
6-25 Apartments £544.50 + VAT
26-50 Apartments£715.00 + VAT
51-100 Apartments £874.50 + VAT
101-150 Apartments£1045.00 + VAT
151-250 Apartments£1204.50 + VAT
251-350 Apartments£1375.00 + VAT
351-500 Apartments£1644.50 + VAT
500 -749 Apartments£2084.50 + VAT
750 -1000 Apartments£2524.50 + VAT
1001 - 2000 Apartments£3024.50 + VAT
2001 - 5000 Apartments£3524.50 + VAT
5000 + Apartments£4024.50 + VAT
No of employeesAnnual Fee from Sept 1st 2016
1-3£544.50 + VAT
4-6£715.00 + VAT
7-14£1045.00 + VAT
15-20£1644.50 + VAT
21-50£2084.50 + VAT
51-100£2605.00 + VAT
101-150£3125.00 + VAT
Business Partners
Business PartnersStandard Package£1500 + VAT
Distribution PartnersStandard Package£1500 + VAT
Business PartnersPremium Package£1895+VAT
Distribution PartnersPremium Package£1895+VAT


  • ASAP fees are chargeable for the full membership year which runs September 1st to August 31st. Pro rata fees will apply for those companies joining during the existing membership year.
  • To become an ASAP accredited member the first step is to become an operator or agent member of the Association.  The Quality Accreditation programme is available to all operator and agent members and is subject to an additional fee which is £375 + VAT per day for UK assessments.  This is an annual process and the number of days required to assess an operator is determined by the size of the portfolio although in most cases one day is sufficient to complete the programme.
  • For further information on the Quality Accreditation programme please visit the Accreditation section of the website HERE or contact for further information.

How to apply

  • If you wish to apply for Operator Member of ASAP please complete the application form HERE
  • If you wish to apply to become an Agent Member of ASAP please complete the application form HERE
  • If you wish to discuss membership prior to applying please complete the online form HERE and a member of the team will contact you to discuss.

Application Process

  • Once you submit your online application, it is considered by our membership committee. They will follow up with the company who is your nominee to obtain further information and may arrange to visit some of your apartments.
  • Once a decision has been made, you will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Once accepted into membership you will be issued with the ASAP member welcome pack and be given access to the members only areas.  You will also be able to attend general meetings and benefit from the full range of membership benefits as detailed HERE.