The fees for ASAP memberships for operators and business partners per year are detailed below.


Number of Apartments / Membership BandingMembership fees from 1st September 2019
2-5 Apartments£150 + VAT
6-15 Apartments £375 + VAT
16-25 Apartments£550 + VAT
26-49 Apartments£750 + VAT
50-99 Apartments £900 + VAT
100-149 Apartments£1050 + VAT
150-249 Apartments£1250 + VAT
250-349 Apartments£1400 + VAT
350-499 Apartments£1675 + VAT
500 -749 Apartments£2100 + VAT
750 -999 Apartments£2600 + VAT
1000 - 1999 Apartments£3050 + VAT
2000+£3550 + VAT
Industry Suppliers
Business / Distribution PartnersStandard Package£1500 + VAT
Business / Distribution PartnersPremium Package£2495 + VAT
Supplier ListingSupplier Web listing only£895 + VAT


  • ASAP fees are chargeable for the full membership year which runs September 1st to August 31st. Pro rata fees will apply for those companies joining during the existing membership year with a full year being invoiced accordingly.
  • ASAP members who hold ISAAP Accreditation – the accreditation fee is in addition to membership fees, charged annually and dependent on portfolio size and geographical location.  ISAAP Accreditation prices start from £295+VAT.
  • Minimum joining terms apply for some categories including business and distribution partners
  • For further information on the ISAAP Accreditation process, please visit Stay with Confidence – ISAAP Accreditation HERE or contact for further information.
  • If you wish to discuss membership prior to applying please complete the online form HERE or contact Sarah Tasker at
  • If you wish to discuss becoming an ASAP business Partner prior to completing the application form HERE or contact Karen Taylor at

How to apply

  • If you wish to apply for Operator Membership of ASAP please complete the application form HERE
  • If you wish to apply to become a Business Partner please complete the application form HERE

Application Process

What happens when ASAP receives your application?

  • Background checks are undertaken which include online reviews, websites, Companies House information, etc
  • If you are obtaining accreditation, ASAP introduce you to ISAAP (International Serviced Accommodation Accreditation Process), to complete the Compliance and/or QA process.
  • Success! your ASAP membership and ISAAP Accreditation (if obtained) is confirmed and you will receive a welcome pack and full guidance and support from the ASAP Team on how to make the most of your membership.
  • Fees must be paid before Membership or Accreditation can proceed.  If accreditation is required membership will be confirmed on completion of the accreditation process.  Membership benefits will commence from this point.