The fees for ASAP memberships for operators, agents and business partners per year are detailed below.


Number of Apartments / Membership BandingMembership fees from 1st September 2019
2-5 Apartments£150 + VAT
6-25 Apartments £544.50 + VAT
26-50 Apartments£715.00 + VAT
51-100 Apartments £874.50 + VAT
101-150 Apartments£1045.00 + VAT
151-250 Apartments£1204.50 + VAT
251-350 Apartments£1375.00 + VAT
351-500 Apartments£1644.50 + VAT
500 -749 Apartments£2084.50 + VAT
750 -1000 Apartments£2524.50 + VAT
1001 - 2000 Apartments£3024.50 + VAT
2001 - 5000 Apartments£3524.50 + VAT
5000 + Apartments£4024.50 + VAT
No of employeesAnnual Fee from Sept 1st 2019
1-3£544.50 + VAT
4-6£715.00 + VAT
7-14£1045.00 + VAT
15-20£1644.50 + VAT
21-50£2084.50 + VAT
51-100£2605.00 + VAT
101-150£3125.00 + VAT
Business Partners
Business PartnersStandard Package£1500 + VAT
Distribution PartnersStandard Package£1500 + VAT
Business PartnersPremium Package£1895+VAT
Distribution PartnersPremium Package£1895+VAT


  • ASAP fees are chargeable for the full membership year which runs September 1st to August 31st. Pro rata fees will apply for those companies joining during the existing membership year.
  • For further information on the ISAAP Accreditation process, please visit Stay with Confidence – Quality Accreditation HERE or contact for further information.
  • If you wish to discuss membership prior to applying please complete the online form HERE or contact Kim Ashmore at

How to apply

  • If you wish to apply for Operator Membership of ASAP please complete the application form HERE
  • If you wish to apply to become an Agent Member of ASAP please complete the application form HERE

Application Process

What happens when ASAP receives your application?

  • Background checks are undertaken which include online reviews, websites, Companies House information etc
  • ASAP introduce you to ISAAP (International Serviced Accommodation Accreditation Process), to complete the Compliance and/or QA process.
  • Success! your ASAP membership and ISAAP Accreditation is confirmed and you will receive a welcome pack and full guidance and support from the ASAP Team on how to make the most of your membership.
  • Fees must be paid before membership can be confirmed