Please complete the form below to make your application to become an operator member of ASAP.

Please note: The application form requires the upload of specific documents and information to be included within your application, if you have not yet been provided with these forms please contact our membership development manager Kim Ashmore at in order to obtain the relevant forms and information.


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*please detail exact number of units you currently operate. If on processing application the total number of units operated is found to be higher than quoted which will effect rates invoiced for QA or membership fees please note that ASAP will invoice additional fees accordingly.
*please detail exact city locations and unit numbers to ensure correct membership banding and QA.
Maximum upload size: 15.36MB
Please upload the apartment information spreadsheet detailing apartment information as provided to you on enquiry. If you cannot locate this form please email Kim at to request an additional copy in order to provide this information at point of application. Application cannot proceed without this provided information.