The Quality Accreditation Programme is the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition and accreditation system for the serviced apartments, corporate housing and executive suites sectors of the hospitality industry.

For further information on the programme please see the questions and answers below.

What is the Quality Accreditation Programme?

The ASAP Quality Accreditation programme, which was first launched in 2014, is the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition and accreditation system for the serviced apartment, corporate housing and executive suites sectors of the hospitality industry.

The programme provides the industry with a means of globally measuring and comparing the quality of Serviced Apartments.

ASAP Quality Accreditation ensures members of the ASAP who have been accredited are compliant with core compliance of legal, health and safety requirements and good practice as well as a measurement and comparison of quality and the overall guest experience.

Every member of the ASAP displaying the Marque will have participated in the Quality Accreditation Programme and have successfully achieved accreditation.

What is the Importance of the Quality Accreditation Programme?
  • The Quality Accreditation programme provides the industry with a means of measuring and comparing the quality of Serviced Apartments globally.
  • The Quality Accreditation Marque indicates achievement in the areas of core industry legal, health and safety practices and requirements.
  • Validating the guest experience objectively informs clients and guests that their expectations will be met.
  • It enables the guest to be able to "stay with confidence"
What are the benefits of participating?
  • Engaging in the ASAP Quality Accreditation programme provides the opportunity to benefit from the professional, objective and relevant feedback delivered.  This can be used as a tool for continuous improvement, so improving your product and the guest experience.
  • The Quality Accreditation programme gives you a fresh perspective on the guest experience and provides you with hard data to use to market your company and to ensure that your standards are maintained.  You can select to participate in further Mystery Guest products to continually review and revisit.
  • The information can be used as a quality improvement tool for your company’s operations, identifying areas that need attention or that are already exemplary.
  • The data is critical to objectively compare your company’s performance against competitors in your market, nationally and globally which provides the opportunity to make informed commercial investment decisions.
  • The Quality Accreditation programme builds your credibility with clients, guests and partners that want data, metrics and assurances that their expectations for professional products and services will be met.
  • You can promote your company as a Quality Accredited operator or agent and can display the Quality Accreditation Marque on your promotional and marketing materials thus providing assurance to guests, employees, partners and investors.
  • The cost of this programme is offset almost immediately after going through the assessment. One day of an assessor’s time is well worth the cost to get an objective, experienced critique that your company is performing well.
What do our accredited members say?

You can read some of the feedback from some of our accredited members by clicking HERE

How does the programme work?

Professional Quality Assessors use a well-tested and successful process of assessing a sample of the operator’s inventory against more than 250 service quality, regulatory and safety criteria while mirroring the overall guest experience.  The criteria focus on guest expectations in the hospitality industry.

The process delivers quantitative and qualitative information to the serviced apartment operator. This in-depth analysis may be used to enhance elements of the operator’s business with the ultimate aim of maximizing the perceived quality of the guest experience.

The programme also offers an accreditation opportunity for Serviced Apartment Agents as well as offering operators the opportunity to obtain accreditation for individual buildings and apartments.

Who undertakes the assessments?

The Quality Assessments are undertaken by an independent Quality Assessor all of whom are members of the UK Institute of Hospitality.

What are the assessor’s credentials?
  • Each quality assessor has relevant senior operational management experience within the hospitality and customer service industry over a significant number of years. These responsibilities have included the delivery of audits, inspections and quality assessments for both UK Public (Government) and Private entities (including the National Tourist Board of England, VisitEngland and ASAP).
  • Assessors’ experience encompasses hotels, serviced apartments, self-catering properties, guest houses and the global travel industry. Involved in the above is the management of the moderation function (consistency and accuracy assurance).
  • Assessors are members of the UK Institute of Hospitality.
What is assessed?

The assessments ensures that each member meets the core requirements of the programme in terms of legal, health & safety requirements and good practice as well as a measurement and comparison of quality.

A minimum of 10% of the operator stock is assessed for operator members including the overnight stay.

Agent Accreditation involves understanding specific processes including a robust Health and Safety framework, anti-bribery policy, clear commission processing protocol and appropriate insurance cover.

Must units be in the same geographical location?

Units do not necessarily need to be in the same geographical location.

Once you register for the Quality Accreditation Programme, assessors will coordinate their availability with your company’s inventory. If your company operates nationally, the assessors will visit multiple markets during your company’s assessment.

Can assessors review occupied units?

It is preferable that the assessors are able to carry out their assessments on unoccupied units.  However if your company needs to include one or two occupied units, the assessor will take that into consideration and the assessment process amended accordingly.

Do we alert teams to the booked assessments?

This is entirely up to your company.

In the assessors’ experiences, there is no significant difference in the guest experience between these two scenarios however the programme can be arranged to the needs of your company and unannounced assessments can be carried out if required.

Either option enables the operator to use the Quality Accreditation programme to identify service gaps or areas for improvement with your teams.

If you’d like to carry out unannounced assessments there is a full programme of Mystery Guest products available which your company may wish to participate in and an operator can engage in this programme in addition to the Quality Assessments.

Further information on these products can be found HERE.

What is the overnight assessment?

This overnight stay allows an assessor to do an in-depth review of one unit.

The overnight stay enables the assessor to experience the guest’s journey from the booking process, to arrival formalities as well as the overnight stay and departure experience.  This stay mirrors the actual guest experience and each element of the overnight assessment is scored to ensure that the whole product meets ASAP’s exacting standards for quality, safety and security.

What is the management meeting?

The management meeting is held with the quality assessor usually the morning after the assessor’s overnight stay.

The meeting will last approximately two hours and the assessor prepares an initial findings report and goes over this in detail with whomever your company decides is part of this meeting.

The meeting also allows the assessor the chance to ask your management team specific questions regarding safety and regulation compliance and allows your team to share customer satisfaction surveys.

Why are guest reviews/comments considered?

The Quality Accreditation Programme is geared toward guest satisfaction.

The assessor has their own experience via the overnight stay but then supplements that experience with online guest/client comments and any guest surveys done by the company.

The assessment will also draw on an internet review mechanism to validate guest’s satisfaction as well as any internal processes used to capture guest feedback. It is important that a cross section of data is used to ensure an accurate and true reflection of the product offered.

This allows the assessor to spot trends and potential areas for improvement.

How long is accreditation valid?

The Quality Accreditation is good for one calendar year after assessments are complete.

Your company is allowed the use of the Quality Accreditation Marque after the assessments of units are complete and accredited status has been approved.

Each company is reassessed each year to continue using the Quality Accreditation Marque and to be considered Quality Accredited.

How does the Programme retain industry relevance?

The assessment criteria is reviewed annually to ensure continued importance and relevance, new industry legal requirements, and variations in international applications.

This review allows for continued integrity and credibility of the programme and ensures it continues to be delivered in the correct industry context, thus preserving the value of the ASAP Quality Accreditation Marque.

Who can go through the programme?

ASAP serviced apartment operators and agents can go through the programme.

If you do wish to go through the programme but are not yet a member please enquire about membership in the first instance or if you have any questions about the Quality Accreditation programme please email

What are the results & output?

The day after the overnight assessment, the assessor meets with the operator to offer real-time observations and feedback during the management meeting.

Within 7 days of assessment completion, as long as payment has been made for the assessments the operator will receive a full assessment report for all apartments assessed.

The assessment report contains descriptive feedback, numerical scores and a graph showing apartment quality versus competitive set performance compiled of aggregate scores from other operators in the same or similar market.

The assessors will identify any non-compliance issues during the assessment process and will provide guidance and assistance to the operator so that the Quality Accreditation Marque can be awarded as soon as possible.

If quality criteria have been met and Quality Accredited status approved, the operator will receive the ASAP Quality Accreditation Marque.

This Marque can be displayed on the operator’s website and PR materials for 1 year.



Is my company information confidential?

All company information is kept confidential and is not released or shared with anyone else.

You will know what data belongs to your company in the aggregate reports but will not be aware of the sources of competitive data, this allows you to compare your company’s scores to your competitors without any identifying information.

Levels of Accreditation

Accreditation can be obtained on the following levels

  • Quality Accredited Operator Member
  • Quality Accredited Agen Member
  • Quality Accredited Building
  • Quality Accredited Apartment

To obtain Building & Apartment Accreditation in the first instance Quality Accredited Operator status must be gained.  For further information click HERE


If you wish to become an accredited operator or agent please click HERE


For further information on the Quality Accreditation Programme watch this video with ASAP CEO James Foice