As a trade body, ASAP aims to ensure the consumer has confidence in booking serviced accommodation anywhere in the world.

In 2014 we introduced the Quality Accreditation Programme which has evolved into ISAAP (International Serviced Accommodation Accreditation Process). ISAAP has enabled ASAP to deliver on its aim by providing a suite of quality-driven recognition awards. These provide a significant differentiator for the provider of serviced accommodation against competitors who have not achieved the awards. They provide the consumer or corporate buyer with the assurance that standards of health, safety, security and quality have been achieved and that customer duty of care is assured.

Today, ISAAP is the leading global provider of quality assessment, reporting and recognition awards for the serviced accommodation, corporate housing and executive suites sector of the hospitality industry.

From 1 September 2019, ISAAP introduces Compliance, which, if achieved by the serviced accommodation provider, gives assurance to the consumer that the required standards of safety, security and duty of care have been met. All providers must achieve Compliance before ASAP membership can be confirmed.

Quality Accreditation continues to be provided by ISAAP as an option for the provider and, where achieved, the provider also achieves Compliance (as it is an integral part of the QA process).

Quality Accreditation is designed to confirm that a serviced accommodation provider achieves the set minimum acceptable standards of quality and comfort in the product it provides to customers, from the beginning until the end of the guest experience and, by achieving this accreditation award, the provider elevates itself above those who are unable to display evidence of this achievement through the Quality Accreditation logo.

Agent Accreditation is, at time of writing, the fastest growing recognition award in terms of companies engaging in the accreditation process and achieving the required standard. This award continues to evolve in its complexity and relevance and is positioned to be a valuable element in underpinning the success of the trade body.



For more information regarding ISAAP’s suite of recognition awards, please view the video below and browse the following pages in this section on Accreditation and Awards: