ASAP Working Groups

We are fortunate to have the expertise and support of some very clever people within the ASAP Community.


The ASAP Green Team

Bringing resources and ideas to the Community to share best practice and help the sector on a journey towards truly sustainable operations. Read more >>

The ASAP Policy Group

Working with policymakers so that the sector is well represented, understood and given the best chance of success when decisions are being made at country and regional level. For instance, recent government consultations on possible registration schemes and a new planning use case brought the group together, to help clarify the situation and lead the sector through the possible impact.

The ASAP Events and Conference Teams

Volunteers from across the ASAP Community who have, together with the ASAP Core Team, just organised an amazing, successful Annual Award Ceremony, and are now working on the Annual Conference in November.

The ASAP Data Panel

A group of experts working with real statistics and data to help define the sector and understand and broadcast its value to policymakers, both in terms of economic and social impact. ASAP has engaged a professional survey and report company to research the impact of the sector, which has never yet been done, and publish its findings to policymakers.