The ASAP Community is collaborative, inclusive … and growing!

We are proud to have brought together a community of hospitality professionals who are supportive, diverse, inclusive, and operate with integrity.

All businesses within the ASAP Community are invited to access the ASAP Marketing Suite of offerings, from attendance at events to video interviews, from sponsorship of communications to upporting networking.

The ASAP Community includes

  • ASAP Operator Members;
  • ASAP Agent Members;
  • The ASAP Advisory Board, a group of volunteers drawn from the membership, all experienced industry professionals who help guide the Association;
  • ASAP Industry Supplier Members;
  • Collaborating Partners, such as other trade associations and industry media; and
  • Training Providers;


Our ASAP Operator and Agent Members are the reason we exist at all. And our over-riding ambition is to ensure all buyers of accommodation, wherever they are in the world, understand, recognise and choose the professional Membership we represent.

We invite any professional operator of serviced accommodation, or any agent booking them, to apply for either Operator or Agent Membership – part of which is signing our appropriate Code of Conduct.

This assures guests and buyers of standards of operation, ethics, transparency and professionalism, so they know they can always stay with confidence when staying with an ASAP Member.

We don’t accept every application into Membership, and if we feel these standards are not quite quaranteed, we will recommend the provider seeks a recognised Accreditation before re-applying.

Those who are accepted can be assured of being part of a dynamic, inclusive, collaborative sector, and support from ourselves in terms of education, events, news and information, introduction to others and representation with policymakers.

Our current ASAP Membership can be viewed at any time on our dedicated directory,

ASAP Operator Members >>

ASAP Agent Members >>


We also invite aligned industry supplier companies to apply for Industry Supplier Membership.

Our Industry Suppliers and sponsors of individual events and campaigns are the means by which we expand our own work, to drive standards within the setor.

Industry aligned Suppliers, Consultants, and Booking Platforms can join the membership with a simple listing on our website, which introduces them to the Membership and wider industry, and as part of the ASAP Community can then choose any add-on marketing opportunities and sponsorship support.

ASAP Industry Supplier Members are a key part of our success and a welcome part of the ASAP Community. If you’re interested in joining us, please contact any member of the team, or join us at an event to find out more.

About Industry Supplier Members >>


We’ve often been asked by Members about different elements of training of use to them, from financial to HR, from marketing to legal. So we have brought together a list of companies from among our own contacts – find out more by clicking below.

Training providers >>

collaborating partners

We recognise and appreciate our fellow associations and trade bodies, as well as other hospitality bodies worldwide. Together, we are stronger.

Collaborating partners >>