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The People Behind ASAP

Learn about the ASAP Core Team, based in the UK but fully global in scope and experience; the ASAP Advisory Board & Treasury Committee without whom we could not exist; and the various ASAP Working Groups, drawn from amongst the Membership to help the Association achieve its aims to represent and grow the sector.

The ASAP Core Team

Introducing the core HQ Team who manage the Association day-to-day. Please feel free to contact any one of the team with any queries or with your news.

The ASAP Advisory Board

The Association is ably supported by elected representatives from the ASAP Provider Membership, who help make decisions, manage campaigns, run events and mentor new Members to the Association.

Steve Lowy, Chair

CEO, The Residence Apartments

Keith Freeman

Managing Director, Staycity Group

Jouke Baaima, Director

Co-owner Corporate Housing Factory B.V.

Julie Madison

Director, Madison Hill

Giles Walker

Director of Supply Chain & Network Sales,

Trine Oestergaard Stafford

Managing Director, House of Fisher

Sally Brading

Director, Destiny Scotland

Rebecca Gonzaga

Managing Director, Situ (non-voting representative for Agent Members)

Ryan Bonner

Regional General Manager, Supercity

Darryl Walker

Group Director of Distribution & Partner Network, edyn

The ASAP Treasury Committee

James Foice, CEO

The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers

Steve Lowy, Chair

CEO, The Residence Apartments

ASAP Working Groups

ASAP Policy Group

Working with policymakers so that the sector is well represented, understood and given the best chance of success when decisions are being made at country and regional level. For instance, recent government consultations on possible registration schemes and a new planning use case brought the group together, to help clarify the situation and lead the sector through the possible impact.

ASAP Policy Team members include Dominic Sherry, CEO at Flying Butler Apartments Ltd; Alex Gonzalez, Director of Sales UK at Frasers Hospitality; Doug Greenwood, Director of Sales and Marketing at Cheval Residences Serviced Apartments; Phil Stapleton, CEO & Co-Founder, Situ; Richard Maurin, CEO, Charles Hope Apartments; Ryan Bonner, Regional General Manager, Supercity Aparthotels Ltd; Sally Brading, Destiny Scotland Apartments; Steve Lowy, ASAP Chair.

ASAP Europe Focus Group

At the request of many of our European Members, ASAP brought together a group of representatives from across the continent to share knowledge, best practices and insights, and drive awareness for the serviced apartment product in Europe with travel buyers, investors and authorities.

Having held its first meetings in 2024, the intention is to reach out to all European members initially, and discover synergies across different countries and regions the group can learn from.

The focus group, led by Jouke Baaima, Corporate Housing Factory, has representatives from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain: Anett Gregorius, Apartmentservice; Angela Eisenblatter, The Apartment Network;  Nayton Craig, Corporate Housing Factory; Wesley Moria edyn; Bella Nokes, At Home Switzerland; Robert Lorenz, Apartmentservice; Jens Dünnebacke, eden; Katharina Kunze, SV Hotel; and Manuel Vidal-Quadras, Catarina House.

ASAP Green Team

David Wright, Business Development Manager at Accredited ASAP Member Mansley Serviced Apartments, has brought together an expert panel of professionals, all with experience in the journey towards sustainability and ESG.

The role of the ASAP Green Team is to provide a resource available to all ASAP Members, giving general guidance and advice on the process to operating sustainably, helping the ASAP Community collaborate by sharing best practice, contacts and useful resources.

Members of the ASAP Green Team include Amanda Bronkhorst, Just One Tree; Andrew Thomson, Be London Apartments; Charlotte Winter of Synergy Global Housing; Kaylie Charland of Lamington Group; Pete Richardson, edyn; Sam McMillen, TAN – The Apartment Network Limited; Simon Catterick and Stephen Richardson of mission : net zero.

More about the ASAP Green Team >>

ASAP Events Team

Volunteers from across the ASAP Community who have, together with the ASAP Core Team, organised from scratch a successful Annual Awards Ceremony in June 2023 and the Annual Conference in November.

Already work has started on the next Awards in June 2024, and the Conference date has been pencilled for November 28th.

Every member of the group commits to weekly meetings, site visits and employing their own expertise to bring about exciting, informative events that bring the sector together.

Members of the ASAP Events Team currently include Jake Seage, of SITU, Trine Oestergaard Stafford from House of Fisher, Michelle Wray from GDS Hospitality Partners and LauraJane Igoe, of Synergy Corporate Housing. We are currently recruiting for more volunteers.

ASAP Agent Working Group

The Group provides a space for ASAP Agent Members to come together within commercial confidentiality, to create a single voice in the industry on behalf of operators’ and buyers’ needs.  The aim is to combat shared challenges such as legislation, taxes, inflation, energy, ESG and other barriers for business.

All new joining ASAP Agent Members are invited to put someone forward to join the group, to have maximum collaboration and influence. The Agent representative on the ASAP Advisory Board does not have voting rights, but is invited to participate in all Board meetings and decisions.

Members of the group include Rebecca Gonzaga of SITU, Danni Prior of Altovita, Gavin Pereira from Check-In London, Josh Danan of Student Luxe, Andrew Scott from Dwellworks and Karen Mills of Synergy Corporate Housing.

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