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ASAP Marketing Opportunities

Any member of the ASAP Community can access a range of marketing opportunities.

Meet the Board

A 20-minute meeting with the ASAP Advisory Board at the start of one of our three-monthly sessions – usually, but not exclusively, in London.

A Video Interview

A Zoom interview with our Communications Director, with or without a script, edited into soundbites, and posted regularly throughout the year on ASAP social media channels and other communications.

Blog Article

A blog post or article, written by you, edited by ASAP, and permanently posted on ASAP site; promoted via social media and newsletters at time of release.

Mailing to Subscriber Base

Include e-mailshots to our Membership and/or to our wider readership of 4,000+ subscribers, using your content, with an introduction from the ASAP Team.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsor one of our forthcoming Regional Roadshow events bringing the ASAP Community together for one-to-one sessions around Europe.

Newsletter Sponsorship

A one-off sponsorship of a weekend newsletter which will carry your branding, to the 4,000+ subscriber base.

Any member of the ASAP Community can access any or all of the menu of marketing opportunities listed – or suggest your own. Contact us to discuss the cost of accessing and scheduling any.