The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) is the not for profit trade body representing the rapidly expanding serviced apartment industry worldwide.  This page sets out the terms and conditions of membership of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (‘the Association’, ‘the ASAP’).

These Terms and Conditions and the content of membership are subject to variation from time to time. Variations will be notified to ASAP members and on our website and the latest version of these Terms and Conditions and the Membership Definitions will be available HERE


Membership packages

The Association has different tiers of membership to meet the differing needs of its members. The current membership packages, banding and fees related to each membership package can be viewed HERE.  Members are detailed as ‘operator members’, ‘agent members’, ‘affiliate members’, ‘business partners’, whose payment to the Association represents a period of membership.

A full definition of the membership packages, and the benefits and privileges available in each, as the same may be amended from time to time.

Your ASAP membership year

The ASAP membership year commences on September 1st and ceases on August 31st of the following year, your membership will start on the date that you join the Association. Pro rata fees are chargeable for any member whose membership commences during the Association membership year and will last until the 31st of August next after membership commences.  Membership renewals for a full year will then become due for renewal on the yearly anniversary of the ASAP Membership year and annually thereafter.

In accordance with, and subject to, the Articles of Association, your membership will be continued unless a written cancellation (via letter or email) is received by the membership team or payment is not received.

Shortly before the membership renewal we will send you notification of the renewal of your membership for the forthcoming year (see ‘Renewing your membership’ below) and the relevant fees.

Service will commence and you will have access to all package benefits and privileges from acceptance of your application and you will lose the right to cancel your membership as soon as the service has commenced.

Minimum membership period

In order to allow the Association to plan its resources and thereby offer a reliable service to members we require that all members maintain their membership for a minimum period of 12 months from joining (or upgrade if applicable) (the ‘Minimum Membership Period’).

The Minimum Membership Period runs for 12 months from the Membership Start Date as defined above.

Moving from one membership banding to another

If Association members increase their stock and therefore change from one membership banding to another it is the responsibility of the member to notify of the increase (or decrease) prior to the membership renewals being issued.  No refunds are made during the membership year for any member who may downgrade to the next membership banding.  If it has been found that a member has failed to advise the Association of the increase to another higher banding the Association reserve the right to make a charge for the additional fees due for the current membership year.

Changes to your membership package must be notified to 30 days prior to membership renewal.

Compliance with service policies

The Association reserves the right to refuse continuing access to a service if the terms of the relevant service policies are broken.

The Association reserves the right to place restrictions on access to certain as it determines from time to time. Whether these restrictions apply to any particular case or member will be assessed by the team providing the service. In the event of a dispute with regard to the applicability of the restrictions the matter may be referred to the Complaints Panel whose decision will be final.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your membership by notifying the membership team in writing (by letter or email), such notice to expire after the Minimum Membership Period has elapsed.  During any initial or renewal of membership period cancellation no refund will be made of any fees which covers the period of time remaining in the ASAP membership year.  To the extent payment has not been received at the relevant anniversary, any outstanding balances must be paid on cancellation for any pro rata time beyond the renewal date of September 1st.

You may cancel your membership by notifying the membership team in writing by email to The Association requires at least one month’s notice for membership cancellations.

The notice period will be calculated from the point of receipt of the cancellation instruction by the membership team and our aim is to acknowledge membership cancellations within one week of receipt. For this reason, if you have not received a response to your resignation within two weeks, it is essential that you contact the membership team to ensure that your letter or email has been received.

If you decide to leave the Association, we would appreciate it if you would tell us why. The membership team may ask you to complete a short survey, which will help us improve our services and better meet your needs in the future.

Termination of membership

The Association may terminate your membership according to the provisions of Article 17 and 18 of the Articles of Association. If membership is terminated by expulsion no refund of membership subscriptions will be made and any balance due for the Minimum Membership Period shall remain due and payable.

On cancellation taking effect or on other termination the benefits of the membership package will cease and you will not be entitled to the benefit of any part of the package to be provided or fulfilled after the date of cancellation/termination.

Code of Conduct

ASAP Members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and if a member is found in breach of the Code of Conduct the member must abide by the findings of any disciplinary hearing.  If there is any breach of the detailed Code of Conduct the Association reserves the right to cancel a membership to the Association with immediate effect and all benefits of the membership package will cease and the member will not be entitled to the benefit of any part of the package to be provided of fulfilled after the date of termination.

Refunds will not be made in the case of memberships which are terminated due to a breach in the Association Code of Conduct.

  • Members must have all relevant insurances.
  • A member shall not seek business or conduct business by improper or illegal means.
  • Members must accurately represent their properties in any given media and ensure that it is clear that they are the owner/operator.
  • Members shall not misrepresent the association.
  • Members shall ensure each customer is aware of their terms and conditions and ensure that they are easily understood.
  • All members will indemnify and hold harmless the ASAP against any claims arising from their activities.
  • In the event of a member becoming bankrupt, insolvent or making an arrangement with their creditors their membership of the association will be terminated.
  • Members must provide information to enable any customer to communicate with the ASAP to provide feedback on their experience of a member company.
  • Members must partake in a quality programme to ensure the continual maintenance and improvement of the service that they provide.
  • Members must do all they can to promote the serviced apartment industry by any means and support the aims of the ASAP.

Subscription fees

Subscription fees for all ASAP membership categories are published HERE. Membership fees vary depending on the membership package selected.  For members who operate as Serviced Apartment Operators and Serviced Apartment agents then a dual membership is required so that each entity has its own membership.  As such in these instances a 100% charge will be made for the higher level entity (whether that be agent or operator membership) with a 50% reduction on the lower band entity (whether that be agent or operator membership).

Full membership must be paid and all dues settled prior to any member being able to gain or market themselves as an ASAP Quality Accredited Member.

The subscription fees will be subject to annual review and the website updated accordingly.

Quality Accreditation Programme and Quality Accredited Membership.

The ASAP Quality Accreditation Programme has its own terms and conditions which can be provided on request.  If a membership is terminated due to a breach in the code of conduct or where an operator/agent ceases to be a member they must cease to promote themselves as an ASAP Quality Accredited Operator or Agent member and must remove all placings of the ASAP Quality Accreditation Marque with immediate effect.

As part of the Quality Accreditation Programme, ASAP members may display the Quality Accreditation Marque only for the period of time that their accreditation is valid and only on the payment of ASAP Membership fees and with a current ASAP Membership.

Concessionary rates and eligibility criteria

The Association may, at its discretion, make concessionary rates of membership available from time to time. ASAP does not currently offer concessionary rates other than the discounted rates for dual membership for two entities within the same branded company.

Membership offers

From time to time the Association may make special offers to encourage member recruitment. These offers may include incentives that vary the terms and conditions as laid out here (for example, by offering ‘13 months for the price of 12’) for those eligible for and who accept such offers (‘Eligible Acceptances’).

These terms and conditions will be varied only as regards the Eligible Acceptances and only to the extent specified in the material accompanying the membership offer in question, all other aspects of these terms and conditions remain in force as regards all members (including Eligible Acceptances) unless otherwise notified.

Paying for your membership

You can pay for your ASAP membership by bank transfer, online payments or via standing order.

Changes to your payment method can be made by contacting the membership team.

Unpaid subscription fees

The ASAP is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, and membership subscriptions form the majority of the income for the Association. Unpaid subscription fees therefore impact directly on our ability to plan and provide services for members. Consequently the Association reserves the right take necessary steps to recover unpaid subscription fees, including legal action where necessary.

In any circumstance where the subscription fees remain unpaid following the due date for payment, the Association specifically reserves the following rights:

  1. to demand immediate payment of any outstanding sums due
    b. to withdraw the facility to make subsequent payments by instalment
    c. to charge an administration fee of £25 plus any costs of recovery
    d. to add interest to any outstanding amounts at 8% above Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions.

If you anticipate any problems with the payment of your subscription, please contact the membership team at the earliest opportunity to discuss at

In particular, please ensure that you contact the membership team if you intend to cancel your Membership prior to Membership renewal or if you wish to change method of payment.

ASAP do not currently offer a Direct Debit method of payment.

If you make payment via a cheque and our request for payment of that cheque is returned by your bank as ‘unpaid’ on more than two occasions and is returned to drawer we will ask you for payment via another method so that ASAP can successfully receive your payment.  ASAP reserve the right to pass on any administration charges that may have been incurred as a result in addition to any bank charges that may have been incurred by the members failed payment.

You agree that any outstanding amounts on your membership account must be cleared on termination (and for the avoidance of doubt) before you can be re-admitted to membership of the Association.


Once ASAP membership has been taken out it is valid for the Membership year as detailed in the Membership period in above.  On cancellation of membership or a change in membership package, or whereby the Association terminates the membership members who have paid in advance will not receive any refund and credits are not given.


Renewal of your membership

In accordance with, and subject to, the Articles of Association, your membership will be continued unless a written cancellation (via letter or email) is received by the membership team.

The amount due from you in respect of the next membership year will be included in your renewals notice prior to your Membership Anniversary. Fees will become due on renewal unless we receive notice of change of membership or termination.

Payment for renewed membership

If you pay your membership subscription by cheque, or online payment, it is essential that your payment reaches the Association one week before the Membership Anniversary of September 1st to ensure that your membership is not cancelled by us due to default.  For your convenience, you will be offered the option to pay by online payment or via credit and or debit card by the renewal that will be issued.  This has the advantage that your membership can be renewed automatically each year without the need for you to contact the membership team.

If you have set up a standing order for your membership renewals you are responsible for advising ASAP of any change in membership bandings a minimum of 30 days prior to the end of the membership year and for correcting your standing order payment accordingly.  ASAP reserve the right to seek payment for any additional funds that would become due by a change in banding.

Future subscription fees

Subscription fees will be determined in accordance with the Articles of Association and prior to the Membership Anniversary we will write to you to inform you of the subscription fees for your membership package for the forthcoming year, which will be the fees in force at the time of the Membership Anniversary.


How we communicate with you

When you join the Association, you provide us with your personal details, including your address and email. By giving us this information you are agreeing that the Association may contact you from time to time (by email, SMS text message or post), with information related to services, products and events.

You may, at any time, opt out of receiving communications from the Association, change your contact details or set your email preferences, using the ‘Manage my membership’ section of the or by contacting the membership team at


We take your privacy very seriously. Occasionally, in order to enhance your membership, the ASAP may provide selected information (excluding ‘sensitive personal data’) to other organisations. This will only be done, however, when the ASAP has approved by licence or other agreement the way in which those organisations will use the information, with a view to improving the value of ASAP membership.

If you do not wish other organisations to receive any information about you, contact the membership team to opt out.

The full online privacy policy for the Association can be viewed HERE

Business Partnerships

The ASAP Business Partners are companies carefully selected by the ASAP as potential suppliers of goods and services to the ASAP members.  However, the information on the ASAP website regarding these companies is provided by the business partners and we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about its completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability.

Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of the ASAP.  We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of these websites.

Complaints procedure

The Association aims to provide all members with a high level of service and to deliver the benefits and privileges of membership.

However, there may be times when, for whatever reason, the service provided does not meet members’ expectations. Should this occur, in the first instance we encourage members to contact the particular department of the Association in question to discuss the matter and to give us the opportunity to investigate and assess the complaint.

There is also a formal complaints procedure that may be followed, full details of which may be found on the website at HERE