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On joining ASAP, Agent Members must read and agree to abide by the ASAP Code of Conduct, which states they:


  • Will promote the ASAP, its objectives, and membership;
  • Will ask partners if they are a member of ASAP as part of their onboarding process;
  • Agree to meet current Health and Safety requirements wherever they operate including holding appropriate Public and Employers Liability insurance cover, and maintaining building, fire, gas and electrical safety;
  • Follow recognised industry best practice;
  • Will make sure they offer customers easily understood terms and conditions;
  • Will be compliant with GDPR privacy rules;
  • Will make ASAP’s contact details readily available to all clients, so that they can comment on their experience;
  • Will work closely with ASAP should any complaint arise.

ASAP pioneered the first quality Accreditation programme for the sector, the International Serviced Accommodation Accreditation Process (ISAAP), and continues to raise awareness of, and standards within, the professional serviced accommodation industry.