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ASAP is delighted to be launching a refreshed,

re-set Awards Programme for 2023

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As one of our esteemed Award Judges said when we asked her to bring her unbiased expert view to the party, she said, “Actually, you had me at ‘DJ’!”

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The first, second and third! release tickets sold out – but we have just put the final handful on sale, so better not miss out.

We wanted to be sure those shortlisted can still attend, along with  their friends and colleagues.

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Join us for the 2023 ASAP Awards ceremony on

June 22, at LABS House, 17-19 Bloomsbury

Way, London WC1A 2TH.


Arrival from 6pm

Awards ceremony starts promptly at 7pm

No dress code, please wear whatever you like !


Our shortlist has now been announced – many thanks to our esteemed judges, who all bring different angles to the mix:

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So why should you join us for the evening?

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Did we mention 20m of spectaculr grazing tables?

Did we mention three professional mixologists and creative cocktails?

Did we mention dry ice and amazing sound?

Did we mention a fast-moving, uplifting award ceremony? Did we mention informality, no long speeches, and no formal sit-down three-course meal?

Did we mention the chance to network, celebrate, congratulate, and enjoy the evening among friends? And not a black tie in sight (unless that’s your thing, in which case, please, be our guest!)…

Housekeeper of the year? Yup.

Best engagement with sustainability initiative? Oh yeah!

These awards are different, and need to be celebrated by a completely different kind of ceremony.  We can’t wait to see you there, so better grab your ticket now, before prices go up, or we run out altogether.

This time it’s different!! See you there?

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The 2023 ASAP Awards – the Shortlist

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The 2023 ASAP Award Shortlist in no particular order:

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Entries and nominations have now closed…

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The 2023 ASAP Awards are very much focused on ASAP’s abiding three Pillars of People, Planet and Principles.  

General guidelines – Three Pillars:

People: Is this entrant or nominee a great team player? Do they stand out amongst their peers? Are they a great leader of colleagues? Are they team players, team leaders or inspirers? Is this a cohesive and supportive team, that supports others and leads by example? Are they just really good fun? Have they recruited, mentored or trained others to a high standard? Are they well regarded by colleagues and/or guests? What makes them stand out as people? Have they made a difference to their community or colleagues? Have they shown innovation and entrepreneurship, bringing change not only commercially, but to the wellbeing of the workplace? Have they garnered the respect of their peers, guests and competitors through sheer force of personality? They sound great!

Planet: have the nominees brought a particularly sustainable attitude to the workplace? Have they instigated campaigns or behaviours in line with environmental practices? Are they inspiring others to do the same? We don’t necessarily need to have chapter and verse about something they have invented, or something huge that changed the way your company operates, unless that is exactly what they’re being nominated them for! What would be just as inspiring is somebody who quietly gets on with the business of small but effective improvements in the workplace. Can this be demonstrated by cost savings or a reduction in waste? How have they shown a particular commitment to environmental good practice? Are they an all-round one-person Green Team?

Principles: ASAP’s mission is for buyers of travel to recognise quality and duty of care standards in the sector, by defining and promoting best practice to both the buyer and guest. We truly want people to stay with confidence. Those nominating may want to demonstrate Principles through those who have shown good judgement, good leadership and good practice in guest experience, safety, security and quality. They may wish to applaud somebody’s personal as well as professional principles, by showing how they have held fast to good practice in challenging circumstances. This may be a team who has achieved superior standards of accreditation in super-quick time, or who have re-written the rule book on guest safety.



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About each Award category

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General Manager/Operations Manager of the Year Sponsored by Sleepeezee

This award is looking for a General Manager/Operations Manager that stands out from the crowd, someone who can think on their feet and come up with out of the box solutions for day-to-day problems. The judges will be looking for someone who engages with guests and successfully leads a strongly committed team, allowing for growth and development of team members. The award will be looking at customer engagement, initiatives on customer service and sustainability and managerial ability. We would like to understand the nominee’s (or nominee team’s) engagement with clients/guests and team, the quality of delivery as evidenced by third-party review sites, regulatory inspections, reputation and feedback over the past 12 months, as well as how they nurture and develop their teams. Not much to ask for! 

Housekeeper/Housekeeping Team of the Year  

This might be one outstanding individual, the senior manager with overall responsibility for housekeeping, it might be multiple people or teams in individual properties, it might be one individual who really makes a difference. Whichever route you take, please show why this person is so important to your organisation. Is it their attitude to teamwork? Is it the insistence on using only sustainable products? Is it their willingness to pitch in and get their hands dirty no matter how long a day they have had? Is it someone who runs their team with humour, compassion and real empathy? Is it somebody who has had numerous compliments from guests, either directly or through your social media channels or feedback forms? Do they show particular commitment and performance, going above and beyond the call of duty. Whatever your reason for nominating it is, enjoy demonstrating just what makes them so special – we’re looking forward to hearing it. 

Best Community or Sustainability Initiative – Sponsored by Flying Butler

This award is given to an individual, industry supplier, or member company (clarify who can enter) that has implemented or nurtured their own community initiative to support or grow local causes. This can be either from a charity perspective, raising awareness, sustainability, or anything that benefits something outside of their own business or their guest community. It can range from team pursuits such as organised litter picking to individuals working regularly with others towards better outcomes. If external evidence can reinforce its value, such as fundraises or media attention, that can be supplied in support.

Operations Team/Guest Services Team of the Year – sponsored by  

These teams are at the forefront of our organisations. The award recognises best practice by a customer-facing or back office team really making waves. It might be the front-of-house, security or procurement. The emphasis is on teamwork and for this one, entries for individuals will not be considered. What the judges are seeking is evidence of customer loyalty, which might come through testimonials, loyalty or return visits. They will also appreciate the team’s contribution to various elements of the business such as health & safety, first aid, customer service, evacuation procedures, and would like to see the team’s development in these areas. Contribution of the team to the overall financial performance of the business will also count.

Industry Newcomer of the Year  – Sponsored by 3Sixty

For ‘newcomer’, we aren’t looking for somebody who is necessarily very young, or straight out of college; we’re looking for somebody who is new to serviced accommodation. Perhaps they’re entirely new to hospitality, and who has already made a mark, but who might have come into the industry later in life from another avenue. Maybe they’ve set up a first serviced accommodation business of their own, after leaving an existing operator or agent. What we are really looking for is somebody we haven’t previously seen win this award, even if we might know their name. 

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Sales Strategy/Initiative of the Year Sponsored by Roomzzz

The award recognises a company or individual that has instigated, implemented or led an effective and innovative sales strategy or initiative – in person or online . The nominee should have demonstrated measurable results and a significant impact on their sales performance, while still adhering to the sentiment of ASAP’s three pillars, showing they have community and guest wellbeing in mind. The judges will also be looking for strategies or initiatives that have successfully addressed a specific challenge or opportunity, and have demonstrated a significant impact on the company’s overall sales performance. Any evidence of this in the form of external media, P&L figures or endorsements from colleagues and/or customers will be appreciated for judging purposes.

Account Management Team/Initiative of the Yearsponsored by Lamington Group

With this Award we’re looking to showcase key account managers and/or teams who have done something special, whether a one-off initiative that gained traction or a longer campaign or approach to the role. The judges will be looking for a real depth and breadth of customer understanding, creativity, and some kind of contribution to their organisation’s strategic objectives. We are looking for an individual, a team or initiative that has taken a proactive and consultative approach to account management and has gone above and beyond to provide unrivalled customer service, care and value to their clients. It might evidence a longstanding, mutually-respectful relationship with a client, or a new one with a key acquisition. Or it might be a creative online or offline campaign to garner attention and ultimately land new business through personal skills and professionalism. Any evidence such as endorsements from line managers or external sources such as customers will be appreciated. 

Best Place to WorkSponsored by Synergy Global Housing

This hardly needs any explanation! We want to be quite excited by either an individual or a group who want to put forward their workplace as the best place to work. We want to see a commitment from this company to things like diversity, equity and inclusion, to career development, to nurturing, to a mentorship scheme, as somewhere that shares the good times with the whole team, that has a genuine love for guests and the wider community around itself. Submissions should provide evidence of the following criteria where possible: a stimulating work environment; positive social relations at work – and outside; enriched work content of work; good organisational systems; access to learning and career advancement; and a good balance between personal and professional life. With this one, we’d love to feel without question why it’s so wonderful. We might even want to work there ourselves! 

Champion of the YearSponsored by RMS Cloud

We are hoping you might have some fun with this one. What we are looking for is a person or team within the organisation who stands out as being a true champion. We are looking for genuine, heartfelt and inspiring stories of people who have gone above and beyond their remit. It might be someone who turns up two hours before every public event to make sure everything runs smoothly, in order to help others around them; It might be someone who has raised enormous amounts of money for charity and has inspired their local community; it might be someone who has pushed on through adversity or personal challenges and is a truly valuable member of a team; It might be that person front of house who embodies that DNA of a business or the person behind the scenes who quietly and professionally clears up after other people. Whether you are nominating somebody who has been externally recognised for their efforts, for instance through the media or through plaudits from others, or somebody who quietly makes a difference just through sheer hard work, personality and determination, we really want to hear those stories.

Chair’s Award 2023 Sponsored by Flying Butler

To be decided by ASAP Chair Steve Lowy.

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