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Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability is not a 'nice to have'

There has long been a focus on the damage to the planet from industry and the growing global population, and the hospitality sector has a part to play in this.

In 2021 while the pandemic was slowing travel to a crawl, ASAP launched an initiative we called ‘Join the Journey’, bringing together experts and hospitality professionals in online forums to discuss the situation.

We shared ideas and data about how we could start to make small changes in our lives and our businesses, often small things such as changing bottled water for filter jugs or changing the products we use for cleaning; we are all on a journey towards operating sustainably, and sharing best practice meant some who were earlier on that journey might feel less daunted.

The conversation continued on and offline, and today we’re delighted to support The Coalition for Greener Mobility established in June 2022 by a team including some ASAP Collaborating Partners, and its efforts to promote Environmental, Social and Governance  practices in all areas of global mobility.

We are also delighted to introduce our own ASAP Green team, a working group from among ASAP Members offering resources, guidance and advice to colleagues across the Serviced Apartment space on best practice.

The ASAP Green Team has written some early articles, which can be viewed below: Spotlight on the E; What does the S mean to you? G Force; the Human Forest; the rules for engagement.

Meet The ASAP Green Team

David Wright

Business Development Manager, Mansley Serviced Apartments

I am the Portfolio & Business Development Manager at Mansley Serviced Apartments. In 2022 I was asked to take on Mansley’s sustainability programme and so began me finding a new passion. I attended an ASAP event towards the end of 2022 and naturally there was a lot of ESG discussion in the room and I was genuinely surprised at some of the negative thoughts and opinions being offered up on the ESG topic. I suggested to ASAP that they create a ‘Green Team’ to build on the Join The Journey work that they had already been doing and now here I am and very pleased to be leading this team.

At Mansley I have been working with Green Tourism to not only do their accreditation programme but also developing Mansley’s first ever Carbon Footprint Report which we will be making public later on in the summer of 2023.

My message to everyone looking at their ESG commitments is to make the start, sometimes it isn’t easy to know where or how to start but once you have your foot on the right path it is a step in the right direction. The ASAP Green Team are here for all ASAP members who have questions or are looking for advice on all things ESG.

Charlotte Winter

General Manager EMEA, Synergy Global Housing

I am delighted to be invited to join the ASAP Green Team. Alongside Jackie Rardin , I co-lead Synergy’s global sustainability programme. We have made huge progress over the last 3 years implementing several local and global initiatives, we are also now in our second year of reporting our Carbon Emissions, and we have made our commitments to Science Based Targets Initiative to ensure we are aligned with the latest climate science.

Sustainability is a topic I am incredibly passionate about and have
always strived to be mindful of the choices I am making, thinking of the wider impact these choices have as we say, the little things do matter. I am excited to work with the Green Team and hope that as a group we can provide not only awareness to this topic, but also provide useful resources and support to our industry, allowing us to change behaviours, develop consistency, and lead the way forwards.

Sam McMillen

Director of Marketing & ESG, The Apartment Network

As ESG lead at TAN, I am responsible for overseeing our ESG journey and reporting. It was really interesting talking to Kim (Ashmore of ASAP) at EuRA , who thought I would benefit from being involved in the Green Team. We all know that if we pull together we will achieve more, and faster. And that in terms of ESG, there is a lot of confusion and discrepancy.

I see the Taskforce pulling together information, points of view, facts and figures and help educate our audience, bring them together, inspire them. ASAP should be a trusted source
of ESG related information.

I am new to this role and have much to learn. My personal point of view is that each company’s ESG journey is different, personal and should be somewhat natural. I am really looking forward to working with the Green Team and to learn more about the ESG journey
that the whole serviced apartment sector is on.

Pete Richardson

Head of Sustainability & Risk, edyn

Over the last few years, climate action has rightly been elevated in ESG. Awareness of the crisis has taken strides forward with the likes of David Attenborough, Barack Obama and Bill Gates being so vocal. Consumers are using their purchasing power, and the younger workforce are demanding action of their employers and I want to play my part in this.

My personal passion for sustainability is rooted in the G of ESG. My background was first of all training as an external auditor with Deloitte, then looking at risk, compliance and controls at OVO Energy, and I’ve seen the dramatic difference governance makes. Good governance is the bedrock of wise, long term decision making, which is essential for both the E and the S

I think the biggest opportunity for gains in our industry relate to putting guests in control. People choose a serviced apartment over a hotel because they want it to feel like their own space, and to have control over where they eat and where they hang out while they’re away. In the same way, we ought to move towards giving the guest more control over heating, lighting, recycling, cleaning etc so they can have more peace of mind that their stay is sustainable. Enablers of this are smart technology, better waste provision and clear communication between guests and staff.

Angeliki Krania

Sustainability Manager, Lamington Group

I am an experienced Sustainability Manager with a proven track record of implementing sustainability strategies and driving change in the real estate industry. As the Sustainability Manager at Lamington Group, I work closely with the company founders to introduce new initiatives and meet our specific energy and climate targets.

I am passionate about sustainability and strive to put people and the planet at the heart of everything we do. Before Lamington Group, I was a Sustainability Analyst at Cundall, where I supported clients in developing their ESG and Net Zero Carbon portfolio strategies. I also managed Innovation R&D projects to create bespoke dashboards and tools, enabling our clients to predict, track and communicate their progress.

Amanda Bronkhorst

COO & Founder, Just One Tree

JUST ONE Tree, we make it simple to plant trees! Just £1 plants 1 tree.

We’re an award winning non-profit restoring life on land, in the oceans and bringing environmental education into the classrooms.