Key Data

Contact: Sally Henry
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Key Data integrates directly with your property management software and provides trusted, anonymous data exchange with competitors in your local and regional markets. Key Data also scrapes the major OTAs on a daily basis and combines the multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive data set for market benchmarking. 

Historical and forward-looking data is aggregated in real-time providing the hospitality industry’s leading performance analytics & comparative data dashboards for professional vacation rental managers, tourism organizations, and investment funds. Key Data is passionate about building customizable, real-time dashboards that provide true visibility into the performance of short-term rentals. We offer an ensemble of business intelligence tools that tell the story of your company’s key metrics with easy-to-grasp dashboards and robust reporting.

The Benefits of using the Key Data ProData Dashboard

Informed Rental Projections

Stay on top of the market and competition with real-time analytics. Access direct source

data to get the most accurate view of your market and competition.

Accurate Rental Market Trends

Keep homeowners informed with Key Data’s Owner Reports. Generate tailored reports that

showcase key KPIs and share them with ease.

Real-Time Data Insights

Identify the fastest-growing markets with Key Data’s Feeder Market reporting. Get a geo-targeted heat map showing where guests are coming from and which markets are growing the fastest.

Streamlined & Automated Reporting

Quickly identify opportunities to improve the metrics that matter most. Track over 30 metrics

and filter to find the most important KPIs to you and your business.

Benchmarking & Performance Tracking

Key Data aggregates historical performance data and pacing details In one place, allowing

you to make informed decisions and improve your company performance.

Comprehensive Competitive Analysis

Obtain competitive analysis data that allows you to compare your KPIs to the competition

and see where you stack up.

The result?: The most accurate, real-time short-term rental data available, allowing you to spend less time gathering data and building reports and more time optimizing on insights.